Chapter #10 – I Decided to Move to Brooklyn – What are the 5 Most Important Things I Need to Know?

  • by Emma
  • 3 years ago
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It’s clear I’ve been on a big learning curve, along with my husband, when it comes to buying some Brooklyn real estate, and although it’s been tough in some ways, it’s certainly been an adventure. So, what are the top five things I think anyone buying an apartment in Brooklyn needs to know? Here goes…


  1. Location is everything!

It’s important to choose the location that is most convenient for you, and where you work will have a big impact on this. Make the daily commute as tolerable as you can with accessible public transportation, for everyone involved (yep – couples, you might have to compromise!) and balance out the cost and effort of travel with the cost and desirability of your property. You’re investing in Brooklyn with your hard-earned cash, so make sure it works hard for you in return.


  1. You can live your best life 

After all, it’s not all about work. Brooklyn is a thriving metropolis made up of many different and unique neighborhoods so make sure the one you choose gives you all the local amenities you need. From the boring/practical stuff like dry cleaners and public transportation, to the lifesavers like restaurants and bars, coffee shops and galleries, to the downright frivolous such as vintage shops, boutiques and the best cocktails in New York (we all know Brooklyn night life is hard to beat, so why not make the most of it?!) Your home should reflect your lifestyle not just on the inside, but also on the outside – the local vicinity matters.


  1. Your investment is sound

Brooklyn is one of those areas where the houses increase in value all the time and even in periods of downturn, they tend to level out, rather than decrease in value. So, buying in Brooklyn is a real estate investment, whether you plan to live in your new home for ever, or you plan to move on and use the place for rental – this is a reassuring thought when taking the leap and buying your first home.


  1. It’s scary going it alone

In short, get help. You’ve worked hard to raise the funds for some Brooklyn real estate, so you don’t want any nasty surprises or unnecessary financial burdens along the way. We tried searching alone, but it was time consuming and daunting. Using an experienced and professional Brooklyn real estate agent, who knows the area and the market, means that you won’t be cutting corners and you’ll also receive the best support possible.  


  1. Nothing is impossible

When you choose a real estate investment in Brooklyn, you really can have it all on your doorstep – the perfect home, a sound financial investment, excellent public transportation, and the glitz of Brooklyn night life. Like anything in life, know what you want but be open to ideas; there are a lot more property options out there than you might have imagined, So, you really can dream big! Use knowledgeable professionals to ensure your financial and legal essentials are in order, and let them help turn your dreams into reality.


As a quick recap, here’s a checklist when choosing your Brooklyn real estate:


  • Can I get to work easily and at a reasonable cost?
  • Can I live my best life with all the amenities that matter to me nearby?
  • Have I chosen the location that suits me best?
  • Have I sought out help from the best?
  • Am I ready to dream big and make it happen?


If you can answer yes to these, you’re on your way to owning your dream home. Tell us about your journey in the comments below!

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