Chapter #3 – Should I hire a real estate agent to help me with the property-buying process?

  • by Emma
  • 3 years ago
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Emma's Diary - Chapter 3

As I think we’ve already established in previous posts, my husband and I had been avoiding buying property for quite some time because it scared the hell out of us, so once we’d resolved to go for it, there were many decisions to be made. And the question of whether we hired a Brooklyn estate agent to help us with our real estate investing, or whether we went it alone, was a big question for us.

So, we’d tried it solo to save money. We’d drawn up our pros and cons list, and we’d figured out what we both needed in our new home and from the nearby amenities. We’d admitted that there was no room in our budget for fancy upgrades, costly redecorating or time-consuming refits, and with houses costing multiple millions, we knew that particular option was also off-limits. So, we could narrow the properties on our search to apartments and condos for sale in Brooklyn and get viewing. We were all set, right? Wrong!

Do you have any idea how much real estate is for sale in Brooklyn alone? We searched the property market online over a couple of glasses of wine, brimming with positivity as we tried to figure what would match our expectations. Turns out, there are a million options and none of them seemed to fit. There were so many Brooklyn apartments for sale that we had no idea where to start. Checking out all those properties turned our brains to mush.

There were too many condos for sale in Brooklyn to wade through, suddenly all sounding great on paper but none really what we wanted – and we began to question ourselves. Were our expectations unrealistic? Was what we wanted even available or had it all been snapped up years ago by landlords? How did we know what was real in the property descriptions and what was overblown or a scam? There’s nothing like a giant investment to make all your worries pop to the surface and make your wine taste sour.

Now, our idea to not bother with real estate brokers to save money seemed futile. After all, time is money, and you can’t really put a value on expertise, so we quickly realized that it might be in our best interests to invest in a little help. And that meant checking out what a Brooklyn real estate agency could offer. Picking the location was easy – we needed someone who knew the locality – but in terms of services? Again, we were clueless.

What we did want was friendly and professional service. An agency that listened to our needs and responded accordingly, while throwing in some options and ideas of their own. We wanted access to information both online and in person and attention/assistance when we needed it. So, we visited a few places, sent a few emails, got the feel for what could be offered and at what price, and as we dug deeper, we realized how crazy we were to have even considered going it alone, seeing as we were complete greenhorns!

One option we hadn’t even considered was a pre-construction property, so as soon as we enlisted the help of Bedrock real estate agency, we knew we were onto a winner. The preconstruction option meant we could make our new home look how we wanted from the start, with control over a range of elements such as kitchen fittings, paint colours, tile design, and dividing walls or open plan design. It opened up more options but it felt like we were more likely to hit our wishlist. And that’s when the journey really began.

What about you? Did you brave it alone or find the help of real estate brokers essential?

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