Chapter #9 – Thanks to Uber, I Don’t Care if I Live by the Subway Anymore

  • by Emma
  • 3 years ago
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Commutes and fast access to local amenities are high on the list for any homeowner, as we all want to live our best lives, right? So, when you’re looking to buy a property, especially somewhere like Manhattan, the location of local public transportation services are of utmost importance. Once upon a time, looking at Brooklyn apartments for sale would mean mapping your options to match the subway lines. But things are changing…

Just as ways to view pre-construction Brooklyn real estate has moved on in leaps and bounds via modern technology, our daily reliance on cell phones and internet has improved our lives with new services and apps, like Uber, that make life a whole lot easier and the world more accessible – all at our fingertips.

Although the subway is an integral part of our history and heritage and a fantastic amenity to have, we’re no longer so reliant on its services when looking to buy Brooklyn real estate. And, as a first-time buyer, not being so limited by subway lines and stations has opened doors.

So what’s so special about Uber and how has it affected my search for a home?

Accessibility. Possibility. Potential.

The fact that transport is now so available and affordable means that distances within the city have become smaller and easier to navigate. It’s a more realistic option to live in one area and work in another, and for couples (like us!) who are travelling in different directions, there’s much more choice and less compromise. After all, no one wants to draw the short straw and shoulder the longer morning commute!

But in my view, not only is Uber making our lives easier, it’s also helping to develop areas that were previously overlooked by opening up more opportunities on the housing market. Which means good news for first-time buyers seeking their ideal home, or those who are simply looking to invest.

And when it comes to going out, to restaurants and bars, improved accessibility means better local services. More amenities, more jobs, more fun. It’s easier to skip from one district to another, even without any subway in sight, and so a work/life balance feels more attainable. And safety, too, matters; we might be married but we’re not joined at the hip and so Uber and other similar services make it easier for us to lead our independent lives – as a female, I appreciate the idea of not having to walk to/from the subway when I’m alone at night.

So, thanks to better public transportation opportunities, first-time buyers and young people are being attracted to areas that they wouldn’t have even been able to consider before, as the transport options couldn’t facilitate commutes or access to services. We’ve certainly viewed condos for sale in Brooklyn that we thought were out of reach due to their location, but with the help of our Brooklyn real estate agent, we’ve had our eyes opened.

Was this something you’d even thought of in your search for a home? We certainly hadn’t but now it seems obvious – could stepping away from the subway and embracing change open more options for you?

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