Chapter #10 – I Decided to Move to Brooklyn – What are the 5 Most Important Things I Need to Know?

It’s clear I’ve been on a big learning curve, along with my husband, when it comes to...
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Chapter #9 – Thanks to Uber, I Don’t Care if I Live by the Subway Anymore

Commutes and fast access to local amenities are high on the list for any homeowner, as we all...
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Chapter #8 – How Do I Find Out if the Apartment I Buy is in Good Shape?

You don’t want to make a Brooklyn real estate investment only to find that the property...
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Chapter #7 – Is Buying Real Estate Always a Good Investment?

This is a question that my husband and I mulled over for many, many hours. We were more scared...
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Emma's Diary - Chapter 6

Chapter # 6 – Should I Buy a New Construction or an Old Construction?

This is an important question that every home buyer is faced with. Old buildings certainly...
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Emma's Diary - Chapter 5

Chapter #5 – Is it Hard to Get a Mortgage and How to do it?

I think I’ve made it pretty clear how clueless we were embarking on our home-buying. Even...
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Chapter #4 – Why I choose to buy in Brooklyn

To be honest, once I made the choice to get rid of our apartment for rent in Brooklyn and buy...
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Emma's Diary - Chapter 3

Chapter #3 – Should I hire a real estate agent to help me with the property-buying process?

As I think we’ve already established in previous posts, my husband and I had been avoiding...
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Emma's Diary - Chapter 2

Chapter #2 – What is important to me in my new apartment and what is important to my husband?

Hitting the real estate market in Brooklyn was no joke – it was a big decision for us and a...
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Emma's Diary - Chapter 1

Chapter #1 – The Day I Decided that I Didn’t Want to Rent Anymore but to Own an Apartment

It was a regular day in our rented apartment in Brooklyn; alarm sounding too early, a morning...
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