Chapter #1 – The Day I Decided that I Didn’t Want to Rent Anymore but to Own an Apartment

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Emma's Diary - Chapter 1

It was a regular day in our rented apartment in Brooklyn; alarm sounding too early, a morning jog to boost energy levels, husband grumpy until his first coffee consumed, a busy day of work looming. Regular, that is, until I returned from my jog, sweaty but revitalized, and discovered the electrics had failed.

Sure, we got over the no-coffee hurdle easily with some takeout, but I had a busy – not to mention important – meeting at 9am and there was no hot water. Trying to convince a client to stay with our business while stinking was not a convincing USP!

We checked the communal areas and the fault was definitely ours alone. Being out of hours, we couldn’t connect with the usual management service. We didn’t know any plumbers and to be honest, didn’t want to be stuck with a nasty bill. But neither of us could wait around. My husband had to start his commute and there was no one to cover my meeting; potentially, I could cost the company a client and money, and me my reputation. First world problems, sure, but weren’t we paying rent for an easier life?

A flash visit to the gym for a shower and I (just) made the meeting on time. I convinced the client but it was a battle; my head was frazzled and I felt like I only just managed to seal the deal. I eventually made contact with the building’s plumber, but the problem still wasn’t fixed when I got home. No real explanation, just a note that there was a part needed and he’d be back the next day to finish the job. He was and did, but something had changed.

That night, my husband asked me over his congealing takeout noodles, ‘Why don’t we buy our own place?’ I laughed at first and dismissed his question. We’d thought about looking at some apartments for sale in Brooklyn in the past, had even scanned some online listings a few times, but it felt more like playing house than really considering buying as an option. Real estate in Brooklyn was known for being expensive!

Sure, we’d complained many times that renting was dead money, and that real estate investing was the way forward for a professional couple, but up until that point, rental had suited us just fine. Buying was way too daunting. Yet, didn’t we deserve a bit more comfort and reliability in our living space? We certainly worked hard enough!

But how difficult would it be to take the leap?

Was it really a viable solution?

We decided to find out.

To be honest, I was terrified. Real estate investing was such a huge commitment – what if it went wrong? But it turned out we needn’t have worried so much and the journey is nowhere near as complicated as we expected. We chose a Brooklyn real estate agency that we can trust and afford, that scours the homes for sale in Brooklyn and presents us only with those that met our criteria. Once we took the plunge, we haven’t look back. All thanks to some failed electrics. Turns out, a curse can become a blessing!

So, what’s your story? What made you decide to buy rather than rent? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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