Chapter #2 – What is important to me in my new apartment and what is important to my husband?

  • by Emma
  • 3 years ago
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Emma's Diary - Chapter 2

Hitting the real estate market in Brooklyn was no joke – it was a big decision for us and a giant step too. This was real commitment. It didn’t matter that we’d been married for a couple of years; there was something about buying a home that felt solid, permanent, concrete. And a little bit scary.


A marriage needs work and compromise and a whole bunch of other things like compassion and understanding, but real estate investing? That’s a whole different ball game. No one wants to compromise on where they live, on their comforts and basic needs. Whether we realized it or not, we were stepping into new territory. And it was territory that we both had to love.


We asked around for advice from family and friends; we even popped into a real estate agency to make this thing feel more real. Everyone said the same: make a list of what you want from your new home. Then, break that list into necessity and wish list. So, we sat down together and tried to work it out. Turns out, we couldn’t agree on anything except money; on our budget, what we bought was what we were getting.


There was no room for fancy upgrades or costly decorating or time-consuming refits. We’re both professionals and about as handy as a chocolate teapot. We needed Brooklyn apartments for sale that we could move into and be happy in right away. But to reach that point without divorce proceedings, we had to make these lists and know what we were looking for.


So, what did our lists look like?

List of Important Features in a new Condo

Seems like a good list, right? But then, thanks to my mom who always has the right answer to hand, we realized we hadn’t considered the lifestyle aspect. After all, if we wanted to live in this new condo or apartment, we had to have access to a life, right? So, we drew up a second list each.


List of Important Features in a new Condo - 2

And that was it. We were fully loaded, armed with our requirements, no compromises needed – it was definitely Brooklyn that ticked all the boxes for where we wanted to be, but which neighborhood? At least we were a step closer. And it felt good.


Did you try this exercise to figure out where to start looking for your apartment or apartment type? And did it help? Share your tips and stories in the comments below.

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